BATES Turkey Farm, Inc.
P.O. Box 383
45 Bates Road
Fort Deposit, AL 36032

Toll Free: (888)249-4505
Fax: (334)227-4190
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Bates Turkey Farm hatched, literally, in June of 1923. That’s over 90 years we’ve been in the turkey business. It began the day Aunt Mamie Bates gave her nephew, W.C. Bates, Sr. and his new wife, Helen, nine turkey eggs as a wedding present. Since then, four generations of our family have operated the farm with one purpose, which is to produce the finest turkey to grace a table. Bates turkeys are FREE RANGE, grown right here in Alabama the old-fashioned way. Our turkeys are grown to their full-breasted best, in a stress free environment under the cool shade of pecan groves by the shores of a small lake.  Our farm is located in Logan, Alabama, just off I65 at exit 142.

 Helen Hudson Bates and her son, W.C. "Bill" Bates, Jr., feeding turkeys on the farm in Logan, Alabama. 
circa 1941

The five Bates children, Jane, Becky, Pete, John, Thomas, in1962.


W.C. "Bill" Bates, Jr. with his bronze turkeys in 1964.

The first group of Bates grandchildren with Big Bill and Grandmama Teresa in 1978.

The second group of Bates grandchildren with Big Bill and Grandmama Teresa in 1998.

W.C. "Bill" Bates, Jr. and his wife, Teresa Carlton Bates, were the second generation of Bates Turkey Farm and the driving force behind its success.  Following in their footsteps, the Bates children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are continuing the legacy to this day.

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